CUJO Security Is The Best Home Hardware Firewall

CUJO firewall secures everything from tablets and PCs, to TVs and baby monitors. Plug it into wireless routers or modems to control it with iPhone or Android app settings. This home firewall appliance system is capable of protecting your home network against malicious cyber threats and privacy violations. CUJO security uses threat intelligence and behavior analysis to keep home devices safe using self learning programming, and adapts to new threats that block advanced malware's.

How CUJO Security Works



CUJO Security acts as a gateway between devices and the Internet. It sends packet header data to the cloud to analyze device behavior, compare traffic to commercial threat intelligence feeds, and make unauthorized IP’s not connect to your homw wireless network.




CUJO is built with 1GB Ethernet to ensure network speeds are unaffected. Also supporting several connection modes: Automatic for simple networks, bridge mode for  multiple routers and/or modems, or DHCP mode.

Connecting to Your Router

Best-Home-Hardware-FirewallCUJO connects with most standard routers. If your network router requires customization, assistance is available by contacting CUJO's main provider page linked here (Cujo Support). They provide LIVE video support from the CUJO app it's self. Their team will guide you step-by-step.

Once paired with your wireless router or network switch, immediately it begins securing all connected devices. Through the mobile app, you will see all smart devices on your wired and wireless network and receive alert notifications when Internet threats are detected and blocked.

Business-Level Internet Security For Your Entire Network

Homes that are fully connected to devices become easy targets for criminal hackers. When hackers attempt to access your smart home devices, CUJO smart internet security firewall intelligently blocks all threats. CUJO firewall applies IP/DNS Threat Intelligence, Behavioral Analysis, Unauthorized Remote Access detection and Command Control detection. Shared intelligence allows this firewall to continuously evolve, offering up to date protection against malware hacks.

Protect Your Finances

Home hackers can access finances by exploiting Internet security flaws in connected devices. This is the best home hardware firewall to defend against financial hacks related to this.

Safeguard Your Family

Hackers can access smart homes by tampering with WiFi routers, hacking smartphones, or planting malware in devices. Parental Control features are also included in this home firewall appliance system.

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